angie food cake

Family-friendly recipes from a frugal gal that likes to eat

About Me

Growing up I was never the one in the kitchen with mom. I always loved eating the delicious food she prepared, but I was never interested in how the food got from the fridge to the table, but now, oh now is a whole different story. I am food obsessed! (But you’ll never ever catch me use the word foodie – ick!). I can never read, watch or talk enough about food!
Over the past four years, I’ve gotten married and had a beautiful baby girl (who’s now almost TWO!), and in turn, became exponentially busier! On a perfect week, I meal plan and grocery shop on Sundays and make healthy, delicious meals for my family to sustain us for the week. BUT…life is not perfect, so sometimes we eat Chipotle twice a week and call it a day!

Mainly this blog is filled with recipes that I borrow from folks on the internet, but I hope to also include original recipes, meal plans and a sprinkle of my life as a busy wife and mom!


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