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June Birchbox

BEST. BOX. YET!!!!! Not only are all of the products fabulous, but the sample sizes are very generous. And there was something to eat in the box, which obviously I like.

Let’s get started! 

  1. theBalm cosmetics Staniac lip and cheek stain – I’ve never used a stain before, so I have nothing to compare this to, but overall it seems pretty good. When I put the color on my cheeks, my first thought was, “Hello Shirley Temple!”, but after I applied the stain to my lips, everything came together. I’ve gotten pretty lazy with my makeup routine lately (powder, bronzer, mascara), but I could easily see myself adding this cheek and lip stain for a more complete look.
  2. Comodynes Self-Tanning Intensive wipes – What a smart concept! I usually use Jergens tanning lotion, but I’ve wound up with orange knees and elbows one too many times, so I’m open to a new method. One towelette is supposed to cover your whole body, but I just tried it on my legs. The color is really even and application couldn’t have been easier. I’d definitely buy these!
  3. stila one step bronze – This is the generous sample size that I was referring to. It’s one fluid once, which is the size you can buy for $36! That’s the cost of almost four months of Birchbox! Plus I just love this. It’s three different shades, so the color will work on most skin tones. It’s the perfect amount of color, it covers evenly and it’s not at all greasy. Love love love!
  4. Wonderstruck Taylor Swift perfume – Smells too old lady for me. Sorry, Tay Tay.
  5. LUNA Bar Peanut Butter Cookie – I ate this the second I saw it! So yummy, but there are way too many calories in this little bar for me. This type of snack would never hold me over, so I wouldn’t buy them. Plus, they are too expensive and full of wacko ingredients. 

So there we have it! Another month, another great box. Have I convinced you to sign up yet?! When is Birchbox going to start sending me my commission? 😉


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