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Christos Greek Restaurant

Back in March 2010, my closest friend in the world got married at the most beautiful venue, Christos Union Depot in Saint Paul, MN. Not only is Christos a visually stunning venue, it’s also a delicious and authentic Greek restaurant.

This picture doesn’t even begin to show you how beautiful this place is!

My husband took me to Christos last night for dinner, and we stuffed ourselves silly with the rich, buttery food. We started with the Avgolemono soup and fresh, warm pita bread. Avgolemono is a silky lemon and chicken broth with rice. I could bathe in this soup!

We slurped our soup by candlelight and reminisced about how lovely our friends’ wedding was. Then, our server brought out the main event, our entrees.

Scott ordered the Gyros ($12.95) which came with a mound of savory meat, thick cut steak fries and creamy Tzatziki. I always pronounce this word “zaht-ZEE-kee”, but our server, who looked Greek, said “ta-zee-kee”, so I’m not sure what the correct way is. Anyone know?

Random side note, I know.

Since I can never decide what to order, I went with one of the combination plates, the Diafora ($15.45). The Diafora comes with Pastitsio, Mousaka and Spanakopita.

Pastitsio: Ground beef layered in ziti pasta; baked under béchamel sauce
Mousaka: Ground beef layered in eggplant and potatoes; baked under béchamel sauce
Spanakopita: Spinach, feta cheese, dill and scallions baked in phyllo pastry

This was a massive amount of food, so I took leftovers home and ate them for lunch the next day (score!). Everything on my plate was fantastic. Pastitsio and Mousaka both include ground beef that is seasoned with cinnamon and all spice. Scott doesn’t care for this taste, and normally I wouldn’t either, but in these two dishes it just works! Christos also seasoned their pitas with cinnamon, which was different, but delicious.

Christos has excellent food, spot-on service and is a beautiful and romantic dining experience. The only con to this restaurant is the parking. It’s confusing and difficult to find a ramp or spot to park in and the street spots are metered (until 4:30 p.m.), however this will never stop me from coming back. Opa!


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