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First Dinner in the Skillet

As soon as I got home from Stillwater on Sunday, I immediately started brainstorming what I could make in my new cast iron pan. So many ideas came to mind, but the one that appealed the most was steak. Meat browning and carmelizing in a cast iron skillet is what made me want one of my own, so I decided that would be the perfect meal to break in the pan.

I started by heating up some olive oil in the skillet over medium heat. While it warmed up, I seasoned some thin skirt steaks with salt and pepper. Once the skillet was sizzlin’, it was time to add the steaks.

I immediately learned a valuable lesson about cast iron. Once the meat is in, it ain’t movin’. I had five steaks to cook, but I didn’t place my first steak strategically enough, so there wasn’t any room for the fifth steak. You live and you learn! (P.S. oil in a cast iron gets HOT and will splatter all over your stove!)

I browned the steaks on both sides until a nice crust formed. Once the steaks reached the right internal temp, I layed them on a cutting board to rest.

While I cooked the steaks, Scott made the potatoes. Gotta love teamwork in the kitchen! He diced up a few small yellow potatoes (from Trader Joes) and pan fried them in olive oil and seasonings. Super duper simple!

Scott also made a delicious gravy out of the steak pan drippings. He added a bit of flour, broth, white wine, salt, pepper and garlic to the steak drippings. When it was all said and done, we had a delicious, easy, restaurant-quality meal!

I am SO in love with my cast iron skillet!


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