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I Roasted a Chicken!

Ok, I know for some of you that roasting a chicken is a small feat. Like tying your shoes or buttering your toast, but for an amateur like me, it is quite an accomplishment. It all started when my husband brought home two five-pound frozen chickens. I was nervous to tackle this dinner, but excited too!

We started by thawing the chickens. This took WAY longer than anticipated. They sat in the fridge for two days and still didn’t completely thaw, so I had to resort to defrosting in the microwave. Once the chicken was thawed, I pulled out the innards (not as gross as I thought!) and gave the chicken a bath. Inside and out and finished with a towel dry. The chicken definitely got the deluxe spa treatment.

Next, I massaged the chicken with olive oil (see, spa treatment!) and sprinkled on the seasoning mix.

2 parts Italian seasoning
1 part salt
1 part pepper

Finally my chicken friend was ready for his visit to the sauna. He baked at 375 degrees for about an hour and twenty minutes. I baked it until my meat thermometer read 165 degrees. I then tented it with foil and let it rest about ten minutes.

While the chicken rested, I made parmesan garlic mashed potatoes by adding sour cream, yogurt butter, garlic salt, pepper and shredded parm to cooked russet potatoes. I never measure anything when I make mashed potatoes. Just add stuff until it looks and tastes right.

Finally, it was time to feast!

It was savory, juicy and tender. I couldn’t help but smile as I massacred the carcass! I roasted a chicken. I am a culinary genius. 😉


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